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The Rishi Scholars

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From The Very Beginning Of The Vedic Period There Appears On The Field, A Class Of Rsis Who Were The Real Exponents Of Aryan Culture And Who Devoted Their Live To Disinterested Psychological And Scientific Inquiry In Thinking, Imagination, Reasoning And Generalization. These Rsis Were The Proto-Types Of Our Modern Scientific Research Scholars. These Rsi […]

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The Interdiction On Evil Practices

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(1.) Step Not Out Of Doors Without Touching Precious Stones, Sacrificial Ghee, Worshipful And Auspicious Objects And Flowers; Do Not Walk By Having Holy And Auspicious Objects To Your Left And Things Of  A Dissimilar Nature To Your Right. (1.1) Speak No Untruth; Take Not Away Other’s Goods; Covet Not Another’s Wife Nor Another’s Wealth; […]

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