Phenomenon of Yoga By Charak Samhita

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 12:07
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“The apparatus of sensation is the mind and the body together with sense organs, with the exception of hair of the head and the body, the tips of the nails, the indigested food, faeces, excretory fluids and sense-objects.”
“Both in Yoga and final liberation, there is no existence of sensation; in final liberation there is absolute cessation, while Yoga leads to that liberation.”
“From the contact of the self, the senses, the mind and the sense objects arise pleasure and pain; these two cease to be, as the result of inaction of the mind which is firmly fixed in the Self. Then while embodied, it acquires the psychic powers; and such states, the Rishis who are conversant with Yoga know to be Yoga.”
“The entry into other bodies, telepathy, the doing things according to one’s will, clairvoyance, clairaudience omniscience, effulgence, vanishing from sight at will – these eight are said to be the sovereign powers of the Yogis. All these accrue from the concentration of the pure mind.”

Summing up what has been stated above, it will be seen that apart from the fact that the mind possesses dual properties viz., (i) it functions through the five senses under normal circumstances of life and the scope of such operations being limited by Time and Space factors; and (ii) when freed from the senses in special states cultivated by stern discipline and assiduous practice, it transcends all limitations and is able to perceive the true nature of things which are stated to be ‘revelations’. It may incidentally be noted here that the basic concepts of Ayurveda, the Doctrine of Panchabhutas, are claimed to be the outcome of such revelations.

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