Characteristics of Vata body type

Sunday, June 10, 2012 10:51
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1. People are highly innovative and imaginative
2. These people are quick learners
3. They have fluctuative moods
4. Have good reflexes
5. They have irregular daily routine
6. These people are confident and enthusiastic
7. These people are generally lean and slender body.
8. These people are physically under developed
9. Veins and tendons are easily visible through the skin.
10. They have generally dark complexion.
11. Their skin is dry and scaly
12. Their eyes are generally sunken.
13. Textures of their nails are generally rough and brittle.
14. They talk and walk quickly.
15. They have a fun loving personality and are of lively nature
16. They easily get tied but have an abundant instant energy.
17. Generally have cold extremities like hands and feet and are not comfortable in winter season
18. Their digestive power is variable
19. People with vata dominance have a tendency towards madhur (sweet), amal (sour) and lavan (salty) taste (rasa).
20. They love hot and warm drinks.
21. Their feces are dry and constipated and they micturate less.
22. They generally have disturbed sleep.
23. They are affected by certain disease like

Vata body type people are more pron to have diseases like

High blood pressure
Coughs generally of dry nature
Earaches and throat discomfort
Muscular spasm
Lower back ache (LBA)
Irregular heart beats
Sexual activity disturbance
Arthritis and general body pains
Painful menstruation
All neurological disorders

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